Hello, I am Shayan Kanwal UX/UI Designer and Full stack Developer.

Shayan Kanwal
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Thinking of 24/7 online presence....

So why should not launch a website.

Thinking of 24/7 online presence...

So why should not launch a website.

How to get started?

You are at the right place I am here to help out to resolve your problems.

How to get started ?

You are at the right place I am here to help out to resolve your problems.

What I Do

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UX/UI Designing

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Web Designing

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Web Development

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Frontend Dev

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Backend Dev

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Tech Stack

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Design Tools

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1. Observation

First I will collect data from you like what type of website you want? (dynamic or static) and some other questions for data collection.

2. Research

Once I have all the information required I will do my research and analyze the problems to solve them.

3. UX/UI

This is the process where I start to do wireframing, brainstorming and designing stuff. I will send you the design, once you approve it then I will move on to the next step.

4. Development

Here I will use my tech skills for bringing life to the design and make it operational.

5. Deployment

First of all, this is an optional step (done with your permission) where I will deploy the website on the server and make it online.


Bee Buzz

Bee Buzz

Bee Buzz is a forest honey selling website full of interactive components that also cares about the environment and the importance of honey bees for the ecosystem.

Wallet fillers

Wallet fillers

Wallet fillers is an investing website with conceptual aesthetic design and also with the goal of a tension-free investment.

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